We are backed by the digital powerhouse Seven Media Group and 70+ years of marketing, media and creative experience within the top management team.

The new norm digital and creative resource consultancy

We specialise in providing digital marketing and creative resources. Even more details seem to be occuring at 777 casino spiele. Our clients find our approach highly effective. We not only recruit, up skill and manage your staff, we also house them in an agency type structure. Which allows your employees to access like minded peers and be guided by industry veterans.

To be bunt, its your own dedicated in-house agency at a fraction of the cost.

Digital and creative is great but managing staff is not

We understand the need for you to have access to the right staff but not get bogged down with managing them.

Thrive in the new norm

There are many game changing advantages of recruiting your team with masiv digital including :
  • We handle the talent search
  • We recruit and train
  • We manage the staff in a structure similar to an agency
  • Employee liability is with us
  • We replace under-performers at your request
  • You can scale teams up as your requirements change
  • Performance management and quality checking is included
  • Masiv cost savings compared to hiring direct